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26 Jan 2021


‘Located next to ‘De Wallen (Red Light District). The square is surrounded by historic buildings, over 20 cafés, restaurants and coffeeshops’


Nieuwmarkt is a square in the old centre of Amsterdam. The surrounding area is known as the Nieuwmarktbuurt (Nieuwmarkt district). It is located next to the De Wallen (Red Light District). In the middle of the square is a building ‘De Waag’, which used to be the building where you would enter the city, and pay your taxes.

The area is also known for Chinatown. This area was formed since the Nieuwmarktbuurt, especially on Zeedijk, has many Chinese residents, restaurants and businesses.


  • Chinatown
  • Het Trippenhuis
  • Coffeeshops
  • De Waag
  • Farmers Market
  • ‘t Tuinfeest
  • Cafe Cuba (Latin Bar)
  • Cafe Fonteyn
  • Temple Bar Irish pub


Farmers Market

There is a daily market on the square, as well as an organic food market on Saturdays and a market for antiques and books on Sundays during the summer months.

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